Jaffery Academy Head of School (Senior Section) Job in Mombasa, Kenya 2019

  • Published date: March 23, 2019
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    • Location: Mombasa, Mombasa
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Job Description

Jaffery Academy Head of School (Senior Section) Job in Mombasa, Kenya 2019

Career Employment Jaffery Academy Head of School Mombasa Kenya March 2019

Jaffery Academy, Mombasa (JAM) is a welcoming friendly school with a vibrant learning space incorporating the latest technology to engage and inspire students.

The school provides high quality education from the ages of 3 to 18 and follows the UK Curriculum (IGCSE, AS & A Levels).

JAM is seeking to appoint an innovative and inspirational Head of School for its Senior Section, who will be required to work in a fast paced environment with proven and effective leadership and management skills. Evidence of a strategic approach and philosophy to raising the status of the school and its academic, pastoral, sporting and co-curricular standards is required. Flexibility and an understanding of issues facing schools in developing countries plus resilience and a sense of humour will be key characteristics.

The successful candidate will have international school experience and a strong track-record in enhancing development in these areas.

He/She will be part of the Senior Leadership Team and be accountable to the School Board of Governance.

Position: Head of School – Senior Section

Reporting To: Head of Academy

Direct Reports: Dean of studies, Deans of subjects, Dean of sports, senior school teachers, laboratory technicians and Librarian.

Job Summary: The Head of School will be responsible for internal organization, management and control of the senior school and provide strong teaching and learning aspects by supporting teachers and students in achieving high academic standards; Provide professional vision and leadership for the senior school which secures its success and improvement, ensuring high quality education for all its students and improved standards of learning and achievement; In consultation with the K.S.I. Education Board, the Head of Academy, the staff of the school, the parents, the students themselves and the local community provide leading role in achieving the strategic objectives of the senior school.

Key Responsibilities

i. Leadership role

In consultation with the Board and the Head of Academy, formulating the overall aims, objectives and policies of the school and ensuring their implementation; Leading by example, providing educational vision and direction to secure the strong and passionate commitment of staff, parents and students; Ensuring that staff are aware of current educational developments; Ensuring that all aspects of school performance are monitored and evaluated in a robust, cyclical manner and maintaining a record of self-evaluation and areas for improvement, and of progress made in respect of these; Allocating, controlling and accounting for those financial and material resources of the school which are under his/her control; Attend meetings of the Board, provide Board Members with regular reports on school developments and activities and consult with the Head of Academy and the Board wherever appropriate, for example in the formulation of development plans; and support the busy and varied life of the school, attending its events and wider programme of activities.

ii. Human resource management and Professional Development

Leading the selection and appointment of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the senior school; Deploying and managing all teaching and non-teaching staff of the school and allocating particular duties to them in a manner consistent with their conditions of employment, maintaining a reasonable balance for each teacher between work carried out in school and work carried out elsewhere; Leading, motivating, supporting, challenging and developing staff at all levels in order to secure and sustain continuous improvement and staff wellbeing and to be committed to personal continuing professional development; and managing staff performance by appraising staff and recommending for rewards to high performers and performance improvement plans to under-performers; Ensuring high standards of professional practice and quality of teaching and learning of the subject/s through effective dialogue, participating in reciprocal peer review and observation of class teaching practice by the Head of Academy; Reviewing and evaluating teachers’ teaching and learning strategies, methodologies and programme(s); and participating in in-service education and training courses as well as in continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities.

iii. Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

Ensuring that all lessons in the school are delivered in a planned, prepared and delivered as per the approved curriculum; Determining, organizing and implementing a broad and balanced curriculum for the school, having regard to the
needs, experiences, interests, aptitudes and stage of development of the students and the resources available to the school; Evaluating the standards of teaching and learning in the school, and ensuring that proper standards of professional performance are established and maintained; Ensuring that improvements in the curriculum are a priority for all students including the gifted, slow and talented learners; Ensure the highest possible standards of education through the promotion of effective teaching and learning; Teaching in area of specialization; and ensure that teachers use creative, interactive and engaging teaching methods to encourage students to actively participate in classroom activities and develop holistically.

iv. Assessment

Ensuring that the progress of students of the school is monitored and recorded accordingly; Ensuring continuing effective systems of planning, assessment, recording and reporting, using data and benchmarks to monitor attainment and progress, in every child’s learning; Using this data continuously to support and improve standards; Ensuring that appropriate feedback is given to parents with regard to records of students’ progress and development; Ensuring that internal and external examinations are prepared accordingly and registrations done in time; Pay attention to individual student’s progress and evaluate their learning abilities; Ensuring that all students are given assignments that are corrected and marked accordingly; and have a clear understanding of the needs of all students, including those with special educational needs; gifted and talented; disabilities; and be able to use and evaluate distinctive teaching approaches to engage and support them.

v. Extra -curricular activities

Ensuring that the school participates in games and other co-curricular activities; Participating in school/academic meetings, parent’s meetings and whole school training events; Participating in staff, group or other meetings related to the school for the better organization and administration of the school; Participating in school assemblies/events; Ensuring safe school trips for students going for extra-curricular activities.

vi. Discipline and moral development

Ensuring that proper standards of behavior among staff and students are implemented in the school during the school day and whenever the students are engaged in authorized activities outside the school; maintaining productive working habits and discipline in the classroom; Observing, assessing and recording students’ behavior; and managing and applying appropriate and effective measures in case of misbehavior.

vii. Pastoral care

Providing a safe and healthy environment for the wellbeing of staff, students, visitors and neighbours; Promoting equality and inclusion in all aspects of school life to all teaching and Non-teaching staff Making arrangements for the security, maintenance, development and effective supervision of the school; Ensuring that child protection and safeguarding of students are given high priority at all times; Providing pastoral care and support to the teachers and students; and taking on the role of mentor/class teacher, and supporting students on an individual basis through academic or personal difficulties.

viii. Relations with stakeholders

Making arrangements for parents to be given regular information about the school curriculum, the progress of their children and other matters affecting the school, so as to promote common understanding; Creating and maintaining an effective partnership with parents/guardians to support and improve students’ achievement and personal development; Working with parents/guardians to ensure children have access to extended services (g. counselling, spiritual guidance etc.), extra-curricular opportunities, homework and other social and educational experiences; In collaboration with the Head of Academy, advising and assisting the Education Board of the school in the exercise of their functions (without prejudice to any rights s/he may have as a Head of School); In collaboration with the Head of Academy, advising the Education Board on the adoption of effective procedures to deal with incompetent teachers, and keeping the Education Board informed of the general operation of such procedures; and maintaining liaisons with other schools and education establishments with which the school has a relationship.

Qualifications and Key Skills Required

i. A Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised University in Education or equivalent

ii. A Master’s Degree in Education or related field is preferred.

iii. Must be registered with Teachers Service Commission.

iv. At least Ten years’ teaching experience

v. Experience in leading a whole school or section

vi. Knowledge of quality assurance and accountability systems

vii. Knowledge and understanding of current trends in teaching and learning practices

viii.Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to form effective relationships with all stakeholder groups

ix. Ability to lead strategies successfully

x. Role model for teaching and learning across the school

xi. High level of competency in pastoral, sporting and co-curricular activities

xii. Willingness and ability to attend meetings/events outside normal school day

xiii.Commitment to continuous personal growth

xiv. A person of high integrity and ethical standards


  • An attractive salary based on the skills and experience of the successful candidate, by negotiation with the School Board.

  • Pension plan.

  • Medical cover

Details of contract: A 3-year renewal employment contract based on satisfactory performance which commences on 1st August 2019 (or by negotiation with the successful candidate.)

If you are qualified and motivated to work in a school with an international curriculum, we would like to hear from you. Kindly submit your application accompanied by a detailed CV and relevant documents to  chairman@jafferyacademy.org not later than 15th April 2019.

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